Welcome to Computing@UW-Madison!

We are excited to introduce a new initiative to the UW-Madison campus: Computing@UW-Madison. This is a place where those of us doing computing at UW-Madison can both collaborate with each other and show the world how much cutting-edge computing is going on here. The site is administered by the Department of Computer Sciences but owned by the university as a whole. We want to foster new and exciting cross-campus collaborations and highlight those that are already happening. To that end, we invite you to participate! Please take a look at the site and let us know 1) if you are represented and need edits or additions to be made to your info; 2) if you aren’t represented but should be; 3) names of faculty/staff who should be included; and/or 4) if you have any feedback about the initiative or the site. We would also appreciate it if you could share photos with us to use on the site – you can upload them below.

Help us bring to life The Wisconsin Computing Idea, a vision that holds that computing is critical to our university and the state and that UW-Madison should take decisive and bold actions to lead the computing revolution. Advances in computing on this campus should benefit all corners of our great state and nation. We realize this is a tall order! But it’s a challenge that we feel driven to accept in order to play our part in fulfilling The Wisconsin Idea.

Please take a look at the site and fill out the form below with your computing information, hopes, and dreams. We’ll get back to you – thank you for participating!

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